D.E.S. Health-Gard for Birds


D.E.S. Health-Gard™ is the best liquid probiotic on the market. It helps replenish good bacteria, fights toxins, and builds resistance to digestive, respiratory, urinary, and allergy conditions. An all-natural formula engineered from a blend of naturally occurring microbes and a specific catalyst, which allows the product to perform 1000 times faster than similar products. This dietary supplement stimulates the absorption of minerals and proteins, benefits newborns from delivery until weaned, ensures normal and natural health, and activates the immune system to increase antibodies. The new and improved formula contains 22% more microbes, providing even more good bacteria to boost the immune system and maintain overall health.

Benefits of D.E.S. Health-Gard’s Probiotic Microbes:

  • Helps stave off infections by ensuring proper digestion
  • Enhances immune function
  • Promotes complete digestion of food
  • Increases nutrition levels by up to 20%
  • Attacks and reduces yeast, fungus, and viruses, which gives the immune system time to recover
  • Activates the immune system to increase antibodies, thus promoting optimal pH levels
  • Breaks down and reduces putrefied waste commonly found in the digestive system
  • Colonizes and coats the walls of the stomach
  • Replaces the probiotic bacterium lost due to antibiotic treatment
  • Benefits newborns from delivery until weaned
  • Stimulates the absorption of minerals and proteins
  • Aids in relief of respiratory and urinary tract ailments
  • Ensures normal and natural health with a regular routine of our probiotic microbes

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Proprietary blend: 2 Billion CFU* per teaspoon (* % Daily Value not established)

Bacillus sphaericus: helps digestive tract

Pseudomonas putida: fights toxins

Plus 7 other proprietary strains


As a daily supplement (all animals and birds): give 1 ounce per gallon of freshwater, daily.

Store in cool, dry place.

For use in dogs, cats, birds, horses, and all large and small animals.