One of our top-selling products, Health-Gard is a trusted name in quality pet probiotics.

  • Builds resistance to Respiratory, Urinary, and Digestive infections

  • Reduces toxins from medications and worming

  • Replaces good bacteria. Builds oxygen levels

  • Produces antibodies in the immune system

  • Builds immune system in puppies and enhances growth

Since 1998, hundreds of the top dog owners and trainers have used Health-Gard™ pet probiotics with tremendous success!

Keep your pets from getting sick in the first place with proven “KENNEL COUGH” resistance


  • Dosage: Daily

  • Lactating Bitches – One-half ounce per gallon of water

  • Puppies – One ounce per gallon of water

  • Under stress or sickness – use one teaspoon (3 ccs) full strength orally.

Experience greater health with

Health-Gard for Pets

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Health-Gard is the probiotic choice of champions

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