Health-Gard is the Health “Secret” of Top Aviary Breeders & their leading choice in bird probiotics.

  • Intestinal flora restoration

  • Faster recuperation

  • Reduces toxins from medication and worming

  • Replaces good bacteria

  • Builds oxygen levels

  • Several dozen breeders report having their best season ever!

  • The winner of the 2004 GRAND NATIONAL was using Health-Gard

Health-Gard will help improve your bird’s overall health and performance while promoting a healthy immune system. The unique immune support formula in Health-Gard is specifically designed to improve intestinal health.

Institute a digestive health routine with Health-Gard’s organic liquid bird probiotics to promote the growth and sequestering of healthy intestinal microflora.


  • Dosage: One (1) ounce per gallon of freshwater

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Health-Gard for Birds

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Mr. Gardner,

I was told about the product, Health-Gard by a friend of mine two weeks prior to hurricane Ike that came through the Galveston - Houston – Huffman area in September on this year. I ordered and received the product just one week before Ike arrived. I began this wonderful health aid the day I received it and I am so glad that I did.

On Friday night we lost our power and my canaries and finches were without lights for eleven days. They were under a great stress with the noise of Ike's wind and blowing rain from Friday night through Saturday night. Then incorrect lighting and improper temperatures in the aviary were to be suffered by the birds for several days. I was so glad that I had begun giving my birds the Health-Gard a week prior to the storm. They came through those days of stress with flying colors. I didn't lose a single bird, they remained bright eyed, healthy and the males sang even in the days with just the light from the windows.

I have been raising birds for thirty years and have used a lot of different products in my aviary however, I can honestly say that I will never be without Health-Gard due to the wonderful performance it gave during the extreme conditions of hurricane Ike.

Helen H.

Health-Gard is the probiotic choice of champions

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