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How We Got Our Start

The Health-Gard's master culture was handed down to Troy Stiles of Cleburne TX, before Mr. Martins' passing, and subsequently to Mr. Ed Gardner of Rhome TX. Since 1998, Mr. Gardner has had success with this product on Greyhounds, Horses, Birds and many other animals.

Used daily in the drinking water, greyhound trainers greatly reduced the occurrence of many kennel infections including the dreaded KENNEL COUGH. Race horses have been relieved of respiratory ailments and many digestive issues. Competitive racing animals and birds were altogether healthier and experienced higher resistance to viral infections.

A Little Of Our Story

Industry Leaders in Animal Probiotics

Since 2004 our Probiotic has been used to build resistance to digestive, respiratory, urinary and allergy problems. Our liquid animal probiotics are blended with a specific catalyst that makes it work much faster than any other probiotic on the market.

Health-Gard™ is the fastest acting probiotic on the market.

Our product builds a more complete immune system, using only all natural ingredients. This product contains no additives or unnecessary fillers or hormones.

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