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Replenish bacteria. Fight toxins. Build immunity.

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The Health-Gard Difference

Health-Gard’s Defense Probiotic® is a catalyzed liquid solution of live and active bacterial cultures, bioactive enzymes, antioxidants, and trace minerals. Cultured in a synergistic blend of all-natural ingredients. The unique formulation contains over 20 naturally occurring strains of probiotics and prebiotics that begins working immediately. Our liquid probiotic delivery system is easier to administer and allows for maximum potency levels.

Catalyzed Probiotics

The catalyst we use in our process creates a high oxygen environment which improves microbial efficiency and performance. Without the catalyst, you have just microbes – and that’s the easy part.

Liquid Delivery

Health-Gard liquid probiotics are delivered in the same water they were grown in, not in dehydrated, hibernated capsules that are not ready for the harsh environment of the gut. Our delivery system ensures microbe efficiency because they are transported in the only medium that can support their full activity.

Natural Ingredients

Health-Gard probiotics are a quality, shelf-stable probiotic supplement that requires no refrigeration and is made of premium ingredients. It is gluten-free, non-GMO, and an excellent source of healthy bacteria to ensure digestive and immune health.


The Impact

The Health-Gard formula has been proven to keep the right balance of microflora in the intestinal tract. Quickly begin to see the positive impacts of the Health-Gard living probiotic formula on you and your animals.


The Whole Family
Replenish good bacteria, fights toxins, and build resistance to digestive, respiratory, urinary, and allergy conditions. An all-natural formula, engineered from a blend of naturally occurring microbes and a specific catalyst, which allows the product to perform 1000 times faster than similar probiotic products.


Greyhounds, Sled, and Working Dogs
Help keep your greyhound or working dog's belly healthy with Health-Gard's catalyzed liquid probiotic. Our probiotic can help to: manage yeast and support the immune system, prevent anxiety, reduce stress, affect mood and emotions leading to maximum performance from your canine.


Thoroughbred Horses, Show Ponies
Health-Gard is designed to protect your horse’s entire gastrointestinal tract, supporting immune function and feed efficiency. Balance the healthy intestinal microflora & stabilize the gut microbiome, which ultimately reduces the risk of digestive upsets, dysfunction, and colic. Race horses return to racing condition faster when using Health-Gard Equine every day!


Racing Pigeons, Chickens, Exotic Birds
Health-Gard probiotics is a therapeutic liquid feed supplement for the intestinal management in racing pigeons, chickens and all fowl. Adding Health-Gard to your birds' daily water calms the bird during times of stress like mating, sickness, showing or racing. Get the most out of your avian friends.


Household Dogs and Cats
Your pet’s intestinal microflora is made up of billions of good bacteria that are essential for good health. A disturbance in this balance, whether caused by stress, food changes, a new diet, or antibiotics, can, in turn, upset the inherent balance of your pet’s body. Use our catalyst supercharged probiotics to promote a healthy microflora at home.

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Is refrigeration required?

No. The product is shelf stable for up to two years without refrigeration.

Will it help with upset stomach and other digestive ailments?

Yes. Health-Gard contains micro organisms that have been shown to help maintain a healthy gut microflora, which help fight off digestive problems.

What does it taste like?

Water. Health-Gard is water that is infused with healthy microbes and enzymes, so it tastes just like water.

Will it help with abdominal discomfort, bloating and diarrhea?

Yes. Health-Gard has repeatedly shown to be effective for these and many other digestive issues.